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BillyEd – The Road We Call Life (Album Review)

BillyEd – The Road We Call Life (Album Review)

Let’s kick off the week with some style and class provided by the avant-garde band from Sweden, “BillyEd” and their bold, finely calibrated album release “The Road We Call Life”.

This trailblazing album celebrates life and love, the boardwalk punk way. Rebellious guitars and passive aggressive lyrics are balanced out by warm lullabies and thoughtful deliveries, as the band combine different approaches to different songs with plenty of confidence and creativity!

Perhaps a subtle combination of U2, Radiohead and Kasabian, BillyEd’s music can be both uncompromising and soothing or energetic and chaotic, as the Swedish set unifies the two opposites with skill and attention to detail.

Originally formed by singer-songwriter and guitarist,  Edvin Sandström, “The Road We Call Life” is an inspiring account of modern day victories and struggles; disappointments and guilty pleasures, hopes and despairs, highlighting the ever present human polarity, while allowing us to experience the full spectrum of emotional range we seem to possess.

If you don’t know BillyEd yet, then you should definitely get to know! This is stuff of geniuses… a vision and execution that only creative minds can produce!

Available on Spotify, show some love here spotify:album:6Sr9GmcaDRYYy55XOHf6p2 



‘Youth’ by Native

‘Youth’ by Native

If you’re on the look-out for an edgy sound that’s going to hook you in for more, then Native will have you begging for further releases once you’ve heard his latest track, Youth. Prepare to have your emotions tampered with as you immerse yourself in this latest chill-out soul-tapping track from Swedish artist Native. Youth encompasses all that this up and coming Future Bass artist from Northern Sweden hopes to achieve.

The track is imbibed with a subtle and intoxicating blend of rhythmic electronic sounds, setting your feelings on a musical journey that takes you through mellow moods with a smooth vibe, a true journey of sound, which is both atmospheric and powerful. From ‘Youth’ it is possible to see how Native takes his inspiration from all things that the natural world has to offer, and somehow seamlessly combines this with the fresh and electronic bass lines of Future Bass to create a track that guides you through floating rhythms and commanding twists that is both natural and futuristic in a harmonious combination.

Youth allows the listener to be drawn on their own joy ride, stirring up passion and calm with equal measure to ultimately create a relaxing track with an over-riding aura of tranquillity. The emotive feel leaves you ready and expectant for more, and Native’s track record for sounds drawn from nature surely won’t leave fans disappointed as they await what will come next from this super talented swedish artist.