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MOSES – Whareama [2017 Album]

MOSES – Whareama [2017 Album]

Catch New Zealand six piece band MOSES on tour soon to promote their brand new, debut album “Whareama”, a psychedelic rock experience unlike any other!

With their debut release, the band has managed to produce a polished and refined sound piece, full of rich textures, indulgent layers and all round great instrumentation, while addressing the subconscious social conditioning, the restrictions and limitations imposed by society, coming to terms with conformity and sometimes having to settle for a loss.

It’s not a political album by any means but it is a social reflection on modern life. Starting with the ponderous “We Wander”, quickly followed by “Seventh Son” and you’re already getting a vague picture of what to expect. A warm feeling of nostalgia wraps around you as you relax and ease into a sense of familiarity and common ground.

One of the highlights of the album is the third track “Lose Like You Love”, with its mellow delivery and reassuring lyrics “Trust What Your Heart Says, It’s Just Another Step In The Way”… Followed by the ethereal “My Things” which for some reason reminds me of “To Binge” by The Gorillaz and Little Dragon.

The album develops and maintains fluidity throughout with other highlights including the brilliant “You’re Lonely” and the inspiring “Feel The Light” and peaking at 9 tracks, “Whareama” provides an insight into living a secluded life, having been recorded mostly in a farm, in rural New Zealand.

This is one for the creatives and dreamers of this world. “Whareama” is an escapist’s dream. If you’re into shoegaze or like artists and bands such as George Harrison, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Slowdive, Crosby and Stills… then you will absolutely love this little treat!

Formed in late 2014, the band has quickly released a number of singles and an acclaimed debut EP in 2015, before signing with Half A Cow Records in Australia. MOSES has since released another successful EP and while staying true to their sound, they just released their debut album “Whareama”, which promises to elevate the band’s reach to another level!

… You might wanna keep an eye on these guys, something special is looming on the horizon.

BillyEd – The Road We Call Life (Album Review)

BillyEd – The Road We Call Life (Album Review)

Let’s kick off the week with some style and class provided by the avant-garde band from Sweden, “BillyEd” and their bold, finely calibrated album release “The Road We Call Life”.

This trailblazing album celebrates life and love, the boardwalk punk way. Rebellious guitars and passive aggressive lyrics are balanced out by warm lullabies and thoughtful deliveries, as the band combine different approaches to different songs with plenty of confidence and creativity!

Perhaps a subtle combination of U2, Radiohead and Kasabian, BillyEd’s music can be both uncompromising and soothing or energetic and chaotic, as the Swedish set unifies the two opposites with skill and attention to detail.

Originally formed by singer-songwriter and guitarist,  Edvin Sandström, “The Road We Call Life” is an inspiring account of modern day victories and struggles; disappointments and guilty pleasures, hopes and despairs, highlighting the ever present human polarity, while allowing us to experience the full spectrum of emotional range we seem to possess.

If you don’t know BillyEd yet, then you should definitely get to know! This is stuff of geniuses… a vision and execution that only creative minds can produce!

Available on Spotify, show some love here spotify:album:6Sr9GmcaDRYYy55XOHf6p2 



Michael Stosic

Michael Stosic

Michael Stosic’s latest album is a Gospel dream for those who enjoy this kind of music. Released last month, it is titled “Gospel Train”, and here is everything you need to know about it!

The album is 10 tracks long and it features a number of styles which stem from “Gospel Rock”, with an added personal touch by the very talented singer-songwriter. The title track “Gospel Train”, kicks off this great piece with style and charisma, setting the pace for what’s to come, as wild guitar riffs and nurturing lyrics, will get you in the mood for air-guitar moves and some serious head swinging!  “He Will Reign Forever” will help you to relax into this album, while “Teach My Children” will surely feel like a highlight.

… Other personal highlights include the revealing “This Is The Day”, the flamboyant “Lead Me To Rock”, the  thoughtful “Bridge of Hope” and my personal favourite “He’s Alive”.

Coming off the back off a pretty accomplished album titled “Welcome Home”, Michael Stosic’s  “Gospel Train” is well poised, to surpass its previous effort, while elevating Michael’s music and career to new heights!

Aside from his music projects, the artist is also involved in humanitarian causes in Zimbabwe, through non-profit organisation Feed The Nations and The River Christian Church in Reno both of which are determined to put a stop to children hunger and suffering… So not only he talks the talk, but Michael also walks the walk. The album is simply great too! A true ambassador for Christ who revels in his mission to bring in light and love to the world. Respect!


Kofi Daeshaun

Kofi Daeshaun

2017 looks set to be the year of the underdog as up and coming bar spitter Kofi Daeshaun makes a statement with his sophomore release “Ghetto Santa 2017” available for free on outlets such as youtube, spinrilla, soundcloud, and datpiff!

Even though the album’s title refers to the festive season, other than the artwork and title itself, “Ghetto Santa 2017” is a conceptual metaphor as the artist explains: “who else is going to come and hand out free goodies to the hood if Ghetto Santa does not give out freebies”, highlighting the fact that it has nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with bars.

The album’s sound is diverse as the rapper explores a range of rap “templates”, from the thoughtful to the more braggadocio verses, from soulful to club beats, there’s an element of adaptability to Kofi’s contemporary rap soundscape.

From a technical standpoint, the album’s production is excellent when it comes to beat selection, but in terms of recording and engineering, the mixing and mastering could be a bit better as in some tracks the rapper’s voice overpowers the instrumentals.

Peaking at 15 tracks, there’s enough creativity and world play to keep the listeners engaged and paying attention to what’s being expressed by Kofi. Tracks like “Heart Of A Lion” show exactly why Kofi is on top of his game skill wise with lyrics such as “[…]They tried to rain on my parades, but Kofi’s gone’ see sunny days, I’m a wild cat caught up in my ways, trying to trick me, stepped up on my shoe lace […]”

The whole album release is consistent throughout and there isn’t a single low point in it, as the rapper’s execution stays levelled and doesn’t really dip from beginning to end. A delivery reminiscent of DMV’s finest, Wale, and a flow style very similar at times to ATL’s FUTURE, Kofi has everything to stand out from the crowd as he makes a statement with “Ghetto Santa 2017”.

The sophomore release is a pretty solid effort from Kofi who is busy making all the right noises, as the thrilling album sets the rapper up nicely for a productive 2017 and beyond!


Eric Blossman – Mississipi Rain

Eric Blossman – Mississipi Rain

It’s always a pleasure listening to Austin, TX composer extraordinaire Eric Blossman, who for the past few months has been busy releasing his most recent recordings which, I must say, never fail to impress.

“Mississippi Rain” is another beautiful piece from the singer songwriter whose songs have not only been brilliantly received by the public, but they have also been placed in film, tv projects and much more… and although he makes it look easy, Eric possesses an intriguing ability of bringing out nostalgia from within our hearts.

As I was sat while listening to this song, it occurred to me that something about his music is very comforting. “Mississippi Rain” feels genuine… it feels heart warming and endearing and that is something you can’t achieve with superficial generic music, it must come from a place of passion as Eric demonstrates with this release.

As always, the songwriting and production is top notch and perfect for Radio and TV, so no wonder the talented artist has 3 songs coming out in a film project entitled “Dinner Is Served” which was just released!

Not to be limited by this release, Eric Blossman also has a legit catalogue of fantastic music available online on his Soundcloud page, which we recommend you guys checking out, but all in all “Mississippi Rain” is one of the best songs i’ve heard in a while… a mesmerising, effortless and poetic slow jam set to touch the hearts of (hopefully) thousands of listeners. Enjoy!


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