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Matteo Arcucci – Damian

Matteo Arcucci – Damian

House/Tech lovers will definitely be riding to this one! “Damian” is the club inspired track by producer/dj/podcaster Matteo Arcucci, who keeps dropping flame after flame, banger after banger, non-stop with some really cool sounds!

Named after the nickname his friend used to call him, “Damian” combines minimal electronic sounds with tech house, while keeping true to house roots and sound integrity. The track which is characterised by its off-the-wall programming has everything to keep the party going or (if it applies) started on the right foot.

Dry kicks are comforted by a crispy tech bass and quirky synth, complete with some serious percussion that will have you planning your next rave religiously! I can imagine a club full of tech heads all grooving and two-stepping in sync to the same tune…

Just under 8 minutes long, the sharp release is a journey through the minimal mind-fields of talented producer Matt Arcucci and as usual, it doesn’t disappoint. Click here for more of Matteo’s music and don’t forget to check out “Damian” below!


Kofi Daeshaun

Kofi Daeshaun

2017 looks set to be the year of the underdog as up and coming bar spitter Kofi Daeshaun makes a statement with his sophomore release “Ghetto Santa 2017” available for free on outlets such as youtube, spinrilla, soundcloud, and datpiff!

Even though the album’s title refers to the festive season, other than the artwork and title itself, “Ghetto Santa 2017” is a conceptual metaphor as the artist explains: “who else is going to come and hand out free goodies to the hood if Ghetto Santa does not give out freebies”, highlighting the fact that it has nothing to do with Christmas and everything to do with bars.

The album’s sound is diverse as the rapper explores a range of rap “templates”, from the thoughtful to the more braggadocio verses, from soulful to club beats, there’s an element of adaptability to Kofi’s contemporary rap soundscape.

From a technical standpoint, the album’s production is excellent when it comes to beat selection, but in terms of recording and engineering, the mixing and mastering could be a bit better as in some tracks the rapper’s voice overpowers the instrumentals.

Peaking at 15 tracks, there’s enough creativity and world play to keep the listeners engaged and paying attention to what’s being expressed by Kofi. Tracks like “Heart Of A Lion” show exactly why Kofi is on top of his game skill wise with lyrics such as “[…]They tried to rain on my parades, but Kofi’s gone’ see sunny days, I’m a wild cat caught up in my ways, trying to trick me, stepped up on my shoe lace […]”

The whole album release is consistent throughout and there isn’t a single low point in it, as the rapper’s execution stays levelled and doesn’t really dip from beginning to end. A delivery reminiscent of DMV’s finest, Wale, and a flow style very similar at times to ATL’s FUTURE, Kofi has everything to stand out from the crowd as he makes a statement with “Ghetto Santa 2017”.

The sophomore release is a pretty solid effort from Kofi who is busy making all the right noises, as the thrilling album sets the rapper up nicely for a productive 2017 and beyond!


Eric Blossman – Mississipi Rain

Eric Blossman – Mississipi Rain

It’s always a pleasure listening to Austin, TX composer extraordinaire Eric Blossman, who for the past few months has been busy releasing his most recent recordings which, I must say, never fail to impress.

“Mississippi Rain” is another beautiful piece from the singer songwriter whose songs have not only been brilliantly received by the public, but they have also been placed in film, tv projects and much more… and although he makes it look easy, Eric possesses an intriguing ability of bringing out nostalgia from within our hearts.

As I was sat while listening to this song, it occurred to me that something about his music is very comforting. “Mississippi Rain” feels genuine… it feels heart warming and endearing and that is something you can’t achieve with superficial generic music, it must come from a place of passion as Eric demonstrates with this release.

As always, the songwriting and production is top notch and perfect for Radio and TV, so no wonder the talented artist has 3 songs coming out in a film project entitled “Dinner Is Served” which was just released!

Not to be limited by this release, Eric Blossman also has a legit catalogue of fantastic music available online on his Soundcloud page, which we recommend you guys checking out, but all in all “Mississippi Rain” is one of the best songs i’ve heard in a while… a mesmerising, effortless and poetic slow jam set to touch the hearts of (hopefully) thousands of listeners. Enjoy!


Sergio N Lialin – Guided By Your Love

Sergio N Lialin – Guided By Your Love

What better way to enter the festive period, other than by listening to the comforting and uplifting music from musician, singer songwriter Sergio N Lialin?

“Guided By Your Love” is a feel good, stimulating and reviving release, which started originally in a cabin on a mountain in Nevada City as an acoustic experiment, while Sergio was composing a love song honouring the Sacred Feminine…  “But the Spirits of Music were hearing a different genre for this song, and by the time I made it to the studio, the song emerged as a sunny reggae tune” – the singer explained.

It gives great vibes from the start – With the lyrics “Sometimes… I can’t find my way home, but I’m always guided by your love, and if I was… a blind man… I would still be guided by your love” – conveying Sergio’s voice like pollen in the air during spring time, by this brilliant, reggae infused instrumental.

A breath of fresh air, perfect for this time of the year as the single boasts an inspiring signature in Sergio, whose work is always pure and from the heart. We dare you to go grab your friends, grab some festive treats and drinks and go sit by a fire… Go ahead and do something unexpected to honour the spirit of the times and let loose with “Guided By Your Love”. You know you want to…




Are you in the mood for a tongue in cheek, no non-sense rap music? Then look no further for you have found it in the form of Luton, UK, born and bread producer and lyricist Polish!

The artist who has been making music for several years now already has an accomplished catalogue of 3 full length edgy rap albums which he is very proud of producing and coming up with. Polish who passionately delivers his thoughts through the rap art form uses a blend of jungle beats, hip-hop and post apocalyptic punk as a foundation to his aggressive rhyming style which go well together.

It must be said though, there isn’t anything sweet about Polish… matter of fact, his lyrics are quite blunt and offensive throughout if anything. The production style for the 24 track album POLISH’ED is rap electronic lo-fi, with a dark, satiric style approach which the MC has mastered.  With a voice and delivery reminiscent of UK hip-hop pioneer Skinnyman, Polish is steady playing his cards the right way, rubbing everyone along the wrong way with a ‘I don’t give a f***k attitude!

“The songs do contain very strong language which is highly offensive and could cause upset for some. The lyrics are accompanied by booming bass that don’t compromise. It may not be to everyones taste and they aren’t very pretty, but its been a wicked experience making and creating the ideas I had and turning them into a quality finished piece. The subjects covered in my songs are not the sort of subjects some people would want to know about, but I don’t make my songs for them, I just used the lyrics I wrote and put music to them”, the Luton artist points out.

I suppose Polish uses music as an avenue to express himself, while letting out his frustrations and anger at society and its controlling standards in a non apolagetic fashion.

If there’s any constructive criticism we could give in regards to POLISH’ED, it would have to be the recording, which sounds a little amateurish at times as the vocals and he instrumentals do not sound like they were mastered properly, something which Polish can no doubt easily improve since the passionate MC is so keen on developing his craft even further.

Expect big vocal reverbs, loud basses, lots of noise and riotous lyrics throughout. This isn’t one for the kids!