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Nick Lexington’s ‘Wellbeing EP’ released less than a month ago, is an honest and revealing body of work from the German musician, who’s actually done an excellent job in writing and executing a very humble, charismatic and somewhat biopic project.

Switching between folk, country and soulful acoustic rock, the extended release kicks off with ‘Song of Wellbeing’ – A melodic, warm and playful song which exposes Nick’s inner battles during a time where things may have not been so clear to the singer-songwriter as he battled depression, self-doubt and questions of an existential nature. Although such topics are indeed touchy, Nick as found a way of making light out of darkness, aided by a colourful and rich soundscape. 

The follow up track is called ‘Tibet’, and again, Nick has managed to produce another beautiful and gentle song, whose delivery by both the band and the singer is as close to perfection as it gets. ‘Tibet’ is not only joyous but also thought defying with lyrics such “Get up in the morning when it flows, get up and feel the energy grow and grow, you can see the mountains that are the roof of our world […]”

‘Success’ is very reminiscent of some of Pink Floyd’s work, which is not a bad thing at all, specially when it is performed/played with authentic passion and sung with an even bigger dedication and enthusiasm, as Nick Lexington shows here…

‘My Cloud’ and an acoustic version of ‘Tibet’ close this EP off, which we rate a respectful and imposing 8 out 10, as in our opinion, it is a breath of fresh air to have artists out there writing and singing about real life and real issues, but better yet, an artist who is aware and emotionally intelligent enough to deliver these challenging messages in positive and ever inspiring ways. 

It’s a pleasure and a privilege to have Nick Lexington’s ‘Wellbeing EP’ in our current collection, make sure you add it to yours! You won’t regret it.