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“I Believe” is a divinely inspired single release, laced with lovely acoustic and string sounds, expressed passionately by God’s very own music soldier Michael Stosic.

The artist whose music career spans way back to the mid 80’s, has mainly been involved in the Gospel music world, singing and writing material that delivers the message of God while hoping to inspire and to touch the hearts of the people.

Lyrics such as “I believe in His Son, I believe that He came here to give me life, I believe in the Cross, I believe that He healed me by His stripes” – are powerful enough to engage the listener emotionally, while promoting blissfulness and peace within – highlighting Michael’s heartwarming songwriting abilities.

Having experienced significant recognition from the Gospel community over the years, “I Believe” is on track to propel Michael into new heights of appreciation and music success, setting up a promising road ahead for 2017 and beyond… fingers crossed!