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“Singing Universe” is the full length album from the visionary pianist and multi faceted artist Karen Salicath Jamali, who interestingly enough, has only been playing the piano for two years:

It is comprised of 7 delightful piano compositions which together, make a beautiful and blissful work of art by the Danish born, New York based musician who has been involved in arts for over 30 years. If this is your first time listening to Karen, then perhaps there is something you should know. This isn’t your everyday, ordinary, common artist. Karen represents something greater. She represents a universal masterwork that works subtly and penetrates all living things. Are you not catching our drift? It’s understandable, so tet us fill you in then…

Up until 4 years ago, Karen’s talents mainly revolved around the fine arts, having graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1991. She’s mainly worked as a painter, sculptor and photographer, up to the point when she suffered a serious and life changing accident, where she suffered life altering brain injuries, and up until then, the artist couldn’t play the piano whatsoever….

Following a long recovery, the artist began to see music and hear music everywhere and decided to translate her visions to a keyboard and this is what she’s come up with. A scientific miracle, or perhaps, something greater than that, since she was previously an alien to piano compositions.

Her music is every bit as mysterious as her surreal story, which to be fair, is somewhat inconceivable. Tender piano notes lift and carry the spirit of melodic awesomeness, interpreted by this magical and inspiring lady as “Singing Universe” flows superbly and is majestic throughout.

It’s the perfect listen for a gloomy day like this here in London, where it is cold, dark and raining. Karen’s sound on this breathtaking album is nurturing and poetic. It is narrative and symphonic, unpredictable and effortless. It is grandiose and ethereal. It is all of the above.

It’s not often that we come across artists like her, whose music transcends the need for validity and conceptualisation. Albums like this should be cherished and celebrated. Therapeutic beyond measure, it brought us a sense of temporary understanding and connection to the universal configuration, all done through the sounds and music envisioned, then reciprocated by Karen’s mind and fingers. Simply beautiful.

One of the few things we know about music is this – It sounds better when it comes form the heart.

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