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Starting the day with a bit of classic rock is never a bad idea, as experienced musician/singer-songwriter Chris DeMarco blesses us with the vibes that can make us appreciate our day in a way that we normally wouldn’t.

“Tightrope Dancer” is a nostalgic execution from the charismatic artist who sings with unwavering passion about an exotic dancer’s less than desirable circumstances, as he comes to her aid offering his emotional support to an otherwise ‘loveless’ human being.

Chris delivers a flawless and captivating message which sparks a certain ‘longing’ that is rare nowadays… The release is smooth, the arrangement sounds spectacular, while very reminiscent of 80’s classic rock music – Taken from DeMarco’s brilliantly introspective album “Genetic Marker”, released in June 2016. “Tightrope Dancer” is an emotional and inspiring rock ballad sung from the heart, as the war veteran explores his recollections and emotions, highlighting human indifference and the need for loving one another in a very uplifting way.

We definitely recommend it – An inspiring and heart opening release that gets better every time you play it!